The Wisdom of Buddha

The Wisdom of Buddha

When I was a student at NYU, I often spent my days inside a Barnes & Noble on Union Square. That’s where I would wander into the religion and philosophy section picking up my first books on Buddhism. Trying to understand the Four Noble Truths cross-legged on the floor leaning on a window on the corner of 17th Street.

I didn’t understand.

Maybe because I didn’t have the wherewithal to sit with the teachings or it was too big of a jump from my Christian upbringing. But most likely because I didn’t have a guide.

Nevertheless, through my practice of mindfulness, the teachings have slowly seeped in, like a tiny tea leaf in a bowl.

One of the most beautiful books I recently came across was at the Peer Hotel boutique in West Hollywood.

The Wisdom of Buddha is a stunning visual journey through the countries of India, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

The soul-touching photographs are paired with carefully selected quotes meant to express the very heart of Buddha’s teachings.

What book has captured you recently? Do share! I’d love to hear from you!

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