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As we process the recent loss of Jonah Anschell and continue to process the loss of Jordan Park, we want you to know that while our hearts are heavy, we are here for you and your students.

How to Think of the Future in Times of Uncertainty

At times of crisis and uncertainty, thinking of the future can be a real source of anxiety. Our creative minds can come up with all kinds of peril, which can either be a resource for preparedness or a recipe for an upset stomach and a stiff neck.

Practice: Grounding Yourself When Life is Chaotic

Lately, my life has felt pretty chaotic: lots of projects, calls, and creation, along with helping loved ones with things, and preparing to move once again to a new home.

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Choosing Life

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! I can’t believe it’s September already.

A Part of Me

Amidst the buzz of excitement (Malia and Kailani, rising senior and sophomore, tryouts and volleyball...

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