If a child were to appear..

If a child were to appear..

If a child were to appear in your doorway: uncertain and afraid, and exhausted from a long journey…

If he or she were anxious, in despair, full of rage, or confused…would you refuse entry to the little one?

Would you tell him to come back once she dissolved his fear, replaced her anger with gratitude, and clarified her confusion?

When she healed his anxiety, mended his broken heart, and transformed her deep feeling of unworthiness?

When they first completed some self-improvement project, healed all their past wounds, or completed some mythical journey of awakening?

Would you require these things before you allowed the little one in, held him, and provided shelter for his raw vulnerability to rest from an ancient journey of becoming?

In your most authoritative spiritual voice, would you urge the little one to “get over it”, scramble to accept everything the way it is, return immediately to the present moment, urgently forgive those who have harmed her, quickly rid himself of “ego”, or manifest a “higher vibration?”

Or, would you offer sanctuary and safe passage from along journey?

A warm home in which the stories, the emotions, the grief, and the somatic trauma of the little one and can be illuminated, contained, and held in a tender womb of care and loving-kindness?

A place of respite for the little one to find some new meaning in a world that has forgotten and let them down.

As you provide a template of refuge for the tired children of your heart to dwell the gates to the mandala open, and you will see just how relentless love is.

It will never stop sending its emissaries here to find you as the ultimate act of mercy and grace, to remind you of your innocence and your vast majestic wholeness.

— Matt Licata