A Message from Bradley


A Message from Bradley

Thanks to all who joined both this month and last for my Introduction to Vedic Meditation over Zoom. Great questions and discussion all around.

If you missed both talks and want to learn more about one of the oldest, simplest, and most profound techniques of meditation in the world, please find an online lecture here.

Meditation Tip: Airplane Mode for the mind

You may have heard the value of turning off and avoiding screens an hour or two before sleep, and may even have a practice of switching your phone to Airplane Mode as you transition into your bedtime ritual. This can be very beneficial as the mind and body wind down for the day.

As it turns out, keeping your phone on Airplane Mode when you wake is also very beneficial — especially as part of regular meditation practice. I always recommend to students that upon waking, they freshen up in the bathroom and meditate first thing (I like to do 20 min of Vedic Meditation) … before coffee, before breakfast, and before turning on your phone.

Airplane Mode becomes the meditator’s best friend as you cultivate creativity, adaptability, and equanimity before facing all of the demands that you know are waiting for you in your inbox. Dynamic rest primes you for a day of dynamic activity.

Four Session Course

My next four-session course for the HW community will be live and in-person NOV 5th – 8th, 2021.

Four, 90 min sessions over four consecutive days are designed to make students completely self-sufficient for life without the need for apps, meditation studios, or retreats.

All four sessions are required to complete the course, and for safety — proof of vaccination against Covid-19 is also required.

The group course has limited capacity and will be held at my studio in Brentwood. Course times will be based on what’s most convenient for the group.

Private Courses in your home are also available and can be scheduled based on your availability.

Here’s the link to register and don’t forget to use code HW108 (expires Nov 1st) at checkout — an exclusive offer for the HW community.

Finally, if your kids (ages 12 – 18) would like to learn with you, the kids’ course is now on sale (please note, kids must learn with at least one parent present).

Reach out, of course, with any thoughts or questions, and thanks.