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Brian Shiers


Brian Shiers

Brian Shiers (MA, LMFT, CMF) has intensively studied embodied awareness methods at the Gurdjieff Foundation Los Angeles since 1993, Tibetan Buddhist Shamatha, and Vipassana practices for over 13 years. Brian has completed nine week-long retreats, acquiring over 4,000 hours of both sitting and moving meditation.


Fri, January 13, 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Mindful Communication Series with Brian Shiers

Mindful Communication Series

Effective Communication using the “DEAR-MAN” skills & Reducing Conflict Through Dialectical Thinking



Join us for our final mindfulness communication series sessions with Brian Shiers. Learn how to communicate well by listening deeply through empathetic modeling

Come and meet other Harvard-Westlake parents and build a strong Mindfulness tribe/community! : )

When we learn how to deepen our empathy and strengthen our powers of listening, we can hone our communication and relationship skills much more readily, thus parenting more effectively.

Join Psychotherapist and Senior UCLA MARC Mindfulness Instructor, Brian Shiers in this hour-long workshop on deep listening.

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