Erin Ohsie-Frauenhofe


Erin Ohsie-Frauenhofe

As one of the highest-performing tutors in ArborBridge’s history, Erin coaches tutors and develops tools and trainings to disrupt old habits and empower new strengths.

Other Organizers

Megan Stubbendeck
Megan Stubbendeck
Morris Kohanfars
Morris Kohanfars




Wed, April 20, 2022


5:00 pm - 5:45 pm


Well-being Wednesdays

Mindful Test Taking


Mindful test-taking strategies for parents, faculty & students. After having a few lessons on how to cope with anxiety and learning a few mindfulness techniques, students were able to increase their scores by 31% which is like going from a 24 to a 31 on the ACT.

  • How to cope with the stress of standardized testing (SAT, ACT, ISEE)
  • What you need to know about the brand new Digital SAT and who it will impact
  • Tools for recognizing test anxiety
  • Mindfulness techniques to use during the test
  • Ways parents and faculty can support their students in this process

In this workshop, educational experts from ArborBridge will introduce tools for recognizing and managing students’ responses to test anxiety, share mindfulness techniques students can employ on test day and improve their scores, and discuss ways parents can support their children through this process.

This curriculum is uniquely designed to help students develop a healthy test-taking mindset, an essential step toward performing at their peak level when it matters most.

ArborBridge is a test prep and academic tutoring company that uses a highly personalized approach to get students to their goal scores in less time and with less stress.

Your Instructors

  • Erin Ohsie-Frauenhofer, Director of Instruction and Creator of the Mindfulness Curriculum
  • Megan Stubbendeck, CEO and Lead Designer of ArborBridge’s current SAT/ACT Curriculum
  • Morris Kohanfars, Associate Director of Tutoring and former SAT/ACT/AP Science tutor and content creator

If you can’t attend, that’s okay, registered guests will receive a full recording and resources from the workshop!

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