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Thu, November 02, 2023


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Disrupt Your Anxiety Using the Gratitude Protocol with Dr Maria Nemeth

There’s no doubt that many of us are facing uncertain times. There are currently multiple places worldwide that are impacting our everyday lives. This situation naturally gives rise to anxiety, even in people who are usually unaccustomed to experiencing it.

The Academy for Coaching Excellence is offering the Gratitude Protocol webinar next Thursday at no cost to anyone interested in using this process to lower anxiety and increase their well-being.

Whoever attends will also receive a complimentary copy of the Gratitude Journal, a 30-day journey into practicing gratitude with interspersed recordings offering suggestions and thoughts to keep you going.

Date: Thursday, November 2nd, 3:00–4:30 pm

Dr. Maria Nemeth

Dr. Maria Nemeth is a renowned expert in leadership excellence, personal and professional development, and financial empowerment. Her impactful work has even been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. As the Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, she has successfully trained a multitude of individuals worldwide, spanning nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental sectors.

You can find more information about her at marianemeth.com.

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